22 September 2016

My Palette

I had often been asked about the palette I use, so I decided to make a post on it.

My gouache palette

I prefer a large palette of colors, but I have used a limited palette of 7 colors years ago and if you are a beginner I would strongly suggest you start with the limited palette I find the best:

  1. Cadmium yellow lemon (cold yellow)
  2. Cadmium yellow light (warm yellow)
  3. Cadmium Red Medium (warm red)
  4. Alizarin Crimson (colder red)
  5. Quinacridone Rose (cold red)
  6. Ultramarine Blue (warm blue)
  7. Phthalo Blue green shade (cold blue)

and Titanium White.

With these colors you can mix ANY color you may need. It is easy if you understand the color theory.  When you mix your colors with confidence using a limited palette you can start adding other colors to the palette. They will just help you to work faster. As I work mostly outdoors I have to paint and mix colors fast. That is why my palette is so large. Some of the colors I rarely use but for some reason I like to have them on the palette.

Here is my palette:

  1. Payne's Grey (Rembrandt. I use it only for grey skies)
  2. Raw Umber (W&N or Rembrandt)
  3. Raw Sienna (W&N or Rembrandt)
  4. Yellow Ochre Pale (W&N),
  5. Cadmium Yellow Lemon (W&N or Rembrandt)
  6. Cadmium Yellow Light (W&N or Rembrandt)
  7. Cadmium Orange (W&N or Rembrandt)
  8. Cadmium Red Light (Rembrandt)
  9. Permanent Rose (Rembrandt) - quinacridone rose
  10. Perm. Alizarin Crimson (Rembrandt)
  11. Burnt Sienna (W&N or Rembrandt)
  12. Burnt Umber (W&N or Rembrandt)
  13. English Red (W&N or Rembrandt) - red ochre
  14. Perm. Violet Medium (Rembrandt)
  15. Permanent Mauve (W&N)
  16. French Ultramarine (W&N or Rembrandt)
  17. Cobalt Blue (W&N or Rembrandt)
  18. Kings Blue (Rembrandt. This color is just a mixture of cobalt blue and titanium white)
  19. Cerulean Blue (W&N. Weak and expensive. I use it more often in skin tones, than in landscapes)
  20. Sevres Blue (Rembrandt. Basically it is Phthalo Blue Light. I rarely put in on the palette, but it is always with me in case I need to mix some really bright light blues.)
  21. Cobalt Turquoise (Rembrandt)
  22. Cobalt Turquoise Light (W&N)
  23. Viridian (Rembrandt)
  24. Chromium Oxide Green (Rembrandt) - sometimes
  25. Green Earth (W&N) - sometimes
  26. Permanent Green Medium (Rembrandt)
  27. Permanent Green Light (Rembrandt)
  28. Titanium White (Sennelier, W&N or Rembrandt)

My oil palette


  1. Obrigado pelas dicas. Também já sigo a Carol Marine à algum tempo. Adoro o livro dela "Painting a day"

  2. Lena, já agora, uma curiosidade. O que faz com as tintas que não usou na palete? Guarda? Mantém no frigorífico/água ou simplesmente desiste delas ? Obrigado.

    1. Não me preocupo com isso. Eu posso pintar um quandro pequeno dia a seguir, mas até se o resto das tinhas se estraga tambem não faz mal, porque eu normalmente não ponho muita tinha na palette.. Eu pinto muito, ma as minhas tintas não se gastam rapidamente. Um tubo da para muito tempo.